About Us

Over the years, we have raised a lot of puppies and other animals. I used to keep a paper in my desk drawer to write down interesting names as I though them up. That way, I always had a list that I could go to. I am not sure where that old list went, but when the internet came along, we all became part of a community that could help us come up with great names for our dogs. As the founder of the Silken Windhound breed, I could always go to our newsgroup and within hours, other members in the breed would offer the neatest names. It became a real game.

I did not have that same community in the horses to help me come up with names and in my internet travels, I came across the site called HorseNameGame. Talk about solving a big problem in the most fun way!

I bought DogNameGame.com, CatNameGame.com and PetNameGame.com thinking that I could do the same service for the other parts of the animal kingdom. Then they sat there for over two years. At last, with the help of Jerome Cathern, guru supreme, I have dug out those domains and finally present our version of the most fun name game on the internet.

Dog Name Game dot com !